Keeps all your passwords safe in one simple and accessible location.

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How safe are your passwords?

Your entire digital life is stored behind passwords. Keeping these passwords safe and unique has never been more important. Yet at the same time these passwords need to be easily accessible and never forgotten. MyPadlock Password Manager is a free program that helps accomplish all of these things.

Start protecting your passwords today with password management software like MyPadlock.

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Where do you store your passwords?

On your computer? - Unless you're encrypting the file you put your passwords in, you're risking it all. Viruses can scan your machine for passwords and thieves can steal your PC and ruin your identity if they find them. Your passwords are too important to not do everything you can to protect them.

In your head? - Reusing the same password for multiple sites is dangerous. All it takes is one hacker or disgruntled employee to steal your password off the server of one web site and start trying that same passwords on others. Also, as a general rule, the easier to remember the password, the more likely it is for a hacker to guess or find in a list of common passwords.

On paper? - Paper is easy to lose, misplace, or let lay around for anyone to see.

In MyPadlock! - It's easy, secure, and free. Why wouldn't you?