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Learn more about how MyPadlock stores your passwords

MyPadlock Password Manager is secure and simple. MyPadlock Password Manager allows you to keep all your passwords under "lock and key" on your PC and is only accessible if you know a master password that you create. This master password will be the last password you'll ever have to remember.

MyPadlock was created because we know how important your passwords are and how important it is to keep them safe. So many important parts of our lives are stored online and often the only thing that stands in between the criminals and your personal information is a username and password. The first and most important defense is a good understanding of how to properly store your usernames and passwords. Here are some more details about how MyPadlock Password Manager works and how safe you are without it.

What people typically do without MyPadlock Password Manager:

  • Most people put all their passwords in an unencrypted file (like a text file or Word Document) on their computer. This is safe as long as your computer is never stolen, hacked, or accessed by someone other than yourself. All it takes is one person or virus to get on your machine and that file could be found and exploited.
  • Writing your passwords on a piece of paper. Yes, the old fashioned way of pen and paper may be safe from computer viruses, but unless it is hidden well, could be sought-out by smart criminals who know that a piece of paper with passwords is probably more valuable than your computer.
  • Creating passwords that are easy to remember. While this makes it easier to remember your passwords, it also makes it easier for hackers to guess those passwords. Plus, there are programs out there written by hackers that will try the top 1 million commonly used words, names, and phrases to gain entry into web sites. How sure are you that your passwords aren't in that list?
  • Reusing existing passwords. Most people have dozens of websites they need a password for and it's too hard to think of and remember a unique password every time. Instead, they reuse the same few passwords over and over again. Unfortunately, this means that if someone hacks into a database on just one of those websites, they'll have your password for all the other sites as well.

How MyPadlock Password Manager works:

  • MyPadlock puts all your passwords on your hard drive in a file encrypted with 128-bit encryption (the same encryption used to protect data being sent over the web).
  • The encryption algorithm used is the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) symmetric algorithm written by Microsoft Corporation.
  • That file is encrypted with your password. This ensures that the only way to get at the rest of your passwords is to have the master password. Not even the engineers that wrote MyPadlock could unencrypt that file if they wanted to.
  • After you've entered your master password in MyPadlock and have access to your passwords, you will be automatically logged off in a few minutes to ensure that you don't leave your passwords open to anyone while you're away from your desk.
  • Even after you log into the software with your master password and pull up a password, by default MyPadlock will not actually show your passwords on the screen. Instead you can copy and paste the password (without someone looking over your shoulder and seeing it).
  • MyPadlock does not install any other software than MyPadlock onto your machine (no spyware or adware is or will ever be included with MyPadlock).
  • MyPadlock never sends any of your information over the web. All your data is yours and is stored on your local disk.

MyPadlock Password Manager does everything we could think of to help keep your passwords safe. If you have any further questions about how MyPadlock works, feel free to send an email and get answers to your questions.

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