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MyPadlock was written to help us keep our passwords safe.

I cannot stress just how important it is to properly protect your passwords, AND, just how easy it is to be unsafe. Identity theft is more prevalent every year and at the same time computer users are putting more and more of their personal data online. If you're like most people, you probably have dozens of passwords and will create dozens more in the next year. Unfortunately, that means you probably are also storing those passwords in a text file or Word Document on your hard drive or you're reusing your passwords or variations of them. THIS IS NOT SAFE!!! You could have a virus on your machine or someone could steal your computer, and along with it, all your passwords. Access to your bank account, retirement plan, and email could all be exposed and available for the hacker to do his or her worst with. Don't be a statistic, get smart and protect your electronic information by protecting your passwords.

MyPadlock is a simple idea and one we think will catch on by making the software completely free and therefore, more accessible to everyone. Someday, if enough people like it and tell their friends about it, maybe it will evolve and there will be better versions that we can charge for to help offset the costs to build it. But for now, MyPadlock is entirely free. Use it all you want, tell your friends, and most importantly, protect your passwords!


The MyPadlock Team

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